Stan McDaniel

Papers and Publications

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Research papers on various topics, including

  • "Models of Development in Esoteric and Western Thought: A Summary"
  • "Transactional Analysis of Esoteric Systems: A Metaphilosophical Study"
  • "The Transactional Developmental Model: Part One"
  • "The Transactional Developmental Model: Part Two"
  • "Form of Life: A Transactional Study of Consciousness"
  • "The Cosmological Concept of Creation from Friction
  • as Suggested by Sound-Meaning Relationships in Language"
  • "The Philology of the Idea: An Essay in Eidophonetics"
  • "The Philosophical Etymology of Hobbit"
  • "The Coalescence of Minds"

My Book Reviews in The Journal of Scientific Exploration

  • A New Science of Life - R. Sheldrake
  • Neither Brain nor Ghost - T. Rockwell; and
    Radical Embodied Cognitive Science - A. Chemero
  • Aping Mankind - R. Tallis
  • Pluralism and the Mind - M. Colborn
  • The Western Esoteric Traditions - N. Goodrick-Clarke
  • Consciousness and its Objects - C. McGinn
  • Mind and Cosmos - T. Nagel
  • Crimes of Reason: On Mind, Nature and the Paranormal
    - S. E. Braude

Logic and Critical Reasoning: A text for General Education Students

  1. The Nature of Argument
  2. Declarative Sentence Analysis
  3. The Basic Logic Words: AND and OR
  4. The Basic Logic Words: NOT and IF
  5. Simple Sentence Analysis
  6. Memory Equivalent Formatting
  7. Methods of Deduction
  8. ALL and SOME: Applying Sentence Logic to Generalizations
  9. Introducing Subdeductions
  10. Informal Logic: Beyond Deduction?