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Logic and Critical Reasoning: A Text for General Education Students

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Introductory Commentary.
A description of the concept behind the text, its value
in General Education logic or critical thinking courses,
and its main innovative features, with a sampling of graphics
boxes taken from the text.
Chapters 1,2,3.
Chapter One: The Nature of Argument
Chapter Two: Declarative Sentence Analysis
Chapter Three: AND and OR
Chapters 4,5,6.
Chapter Four: NOT and IF
Chapter Five: Simple Sentence Analysis
Chapter Six: Memory Equivalent Formatting
Chapters 7,8.
Chapter Seven: Methods of Deduction
Chapter Eight: ALL and SOME:
Applying Sentence Logic to Generalizations
Chapter Nine.
Chapter Nine, Introducing Subdeductions
Revised and updated, Nov. 2011.
Chapter Ten, "Informal Logic: Beyond Deduction?"
is being updated and will be available soon.