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"Models of Development in Esoteric and Western Thought:
A Summary"

Discussion of Archetypal Cosmology and its implications
based on the results of the two papers "The Transactional
Developmental Model" (Parts One and Two) listed below
and several other research papers not currently on line.
"Form of Life: A Transactional Study of Consciousness"
Discussion of the necessary and sufficient conditions for the
existence of a "Form of Life," with references to Wittgenstein's
comment "To imagine a language is to imagine a form of life."
(Updated 1/31/2010)
"Transactional Analysis of Esoteric Systems:
A Metaphilosophical Study"

This paper consists in an analysis of certain
concepts of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism under the
parameters suggested by the transactional model
of development. The material here presupposes a
reading of "Models of Development in Esoteric
and Western Thought" on this same web site.
"The Cosmological Concept of Creation from Friction
as Suggested by Sound-Meaning Relationships in Language:
A Phenomenological Approach"

This paper is a condensed excerpt from a much longer unpublished
document based on research undertaken during the late 1960s to
the early 1980s. That document details the results of my study
of the possible relationship between a specific type of cosmological
viewpoint and complexes of sound-meaning patterns as exhibited in,
primarily, the Indo-European languages. A related paper is to be found
in the next item listed below.
"The Transactional Developmental Model: Part One"
In this first part the developmental models used
by philosophers W. V. Quine, John Dewey, and
Aristotle are analyzed.
"The Philology of the Idea: An Essay in Eidophonetics"
Discussion of possible archetypal influence in the development
of language.
"The Transactional Developmental Model: Part Two"
In this second part the traits of a number of esoteric
and eastern religio-philosohical systems are explored
and compared with those discussed in the first part.
"The Philosophical Etymology of Hobbit"
Essay applying eidophonetic theory to J.R.R. Tolkien's "invention"
of the word hobbit and the story line and other characters
in his book The Hobbit, or There and Back Again. (HTML file)
"The Coalescence of Minds"
This paper discusses theories of telepathy and how
telepathy might or might not relate to the concept of a
group mind (a single personality having separate individuals
as its functional components). Originally published in the
book Philosophers Look at Science Fiction (1982).