The Letterseeker

All contents of The Letterseeker are copyright
© 2001 by Stan McDaniel

The Letterseeker is a fantasy novel in progress, about 80% complete. That 80% represents the result of nearly two decades of research and personal experience, while delving ever more deeply into the vast linguistic well I have termed the phenomenon of Eidophonetics, or the relation between meaning and sound. The story itself has emerged from a lengthy research paper called A Basket of Mushrooms. Over the years there have been many interruptions, but recently, thanks to encouragement from former students, I have taken up the pen again and hope to complete the story soon. In the interim, there is enough, I think, to convey the message it offers the reader. The reader should be assured that with very few exceptions every expression found in the streams of words that come as auditory visions in the story are actual words in the Indo-European languages, including English but ranging back to Sanskrit and beyond. Exceptions are the few words included that are inventions of J. R. R. Tolkien, but research shows that these were based on actual etymological ideas as well. After reading The Letterseeker, questions about its form and its content may be answered by reading the essays "The Philology of the Idea" and "The Philosophical Etymology of Hobbit".

I truly hope you may enjoy this perhaps strange, but hopefully compelling, story.

Stan McDaniel

November 2001
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