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Stan V. McDaniel

Professional Background

August, 2017

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Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Sonoma State University


Philosophical Papers and Presentations

Papers on Transactional Philosophy

"The Transactional Developmental Model: Part One"
The developmental models implicit and explicit in three philosophers,
(W. V. Quine, John Dewey, and Aristotle) are analyzed.

"The Transactional Developmental Model: Part Two"
The developmental models of a number of esoteric and eastern religio-philosohical
systems are explored

"Models of Development in Esoteric and Western Thought: A Summary"
Discussion of Archetypal Cosmology and its implications

"Form of Life: A Transactional Study of Consciousness"
A discussion of the necessary and sufficient conditions for the
existence of a "Form of Life," with references to Wittgenstein's
comment "To imagine a language is to imagine a form of life."
(Updated 1/31/2010)

"Transactional Analysis of Esoteric Systems: A Metaphilosophical Study"
An analysis of certain concepts of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism under the
parameters suggested by the transactional model of development.

"The Cosmological Concept of Creation from Friction as Suggested by
Sound-Meaning Relationships in Language:A Phenomenological Approach"
A study of the possible relationship between a specific type of cosmological
viewpoint and complexes of sound-meaning patterns as exhibited in,
primarily, the Indo-European languages.

"The Philosophical Etymology of Hobbit"
Essay applying eidophonetic theory to J.R.R. Tolkien's "invention"
of the word hobbit

"The Philology of the Idea: An Essay in Eidophonetics"
Discussion of possible archetypal influence in the development
of language.

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Other Papers and Discussions